My Approach

I hold a Clinical Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy and am a UKCP accredited Integrative Psychotherapist. This means that I integrate theory and approaches from various models in my work as I believe that no one single approach can meet the complexity of each individual’s needs; every person in the world is unique, and events are experienced differently depending on a person’s past experiences, past relationships, cultural/socio-political background and the context in which we live. I therefore strive to understand each person through their own unique lens and work from their own frame of reference as a starting point.

Having experience in engaging hard to reach and vulnerable clients means that my approach focuses upon providing a safe environment in which a trusting relationship can develop at the client’s pace; research demonstrates the single most significant factor in predicting the outcome of therapy is the relationship between therapist and client.

My experiences have led me to focus on providing a warm and respectful therapeutic relationship, in which a client can feel heard, understood and accepted. I provide support with whatever clients are going through, whilst working towards exploring feelings, making sense of thoughts and understanding a client's needs.